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Join FitGYM and unleash the journey to realising your fitness aspirations. Our membership provides bespoke coaching, guaranteeing you receive the tailored guidance and support required to achieve your fitness objectives. At FitGYM, we acknowledge the challenges of the journey, but with our committed assistance, triumph is not merely a prospect, but an anticipation.

recovery center

Beyond a gym, we’re your ultimate Recovery Centre. Experience the rejuvenation of our state-of-the-art facilities, including infrared saunas, massage chairs, oxygen lounges, and red light therapy. It’s not just a workout; it’s a comprehensive journey to restore, relax, and recharge. Elevate your recovery, elevate your fitness with us!

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$ 24
  • Full gym and recovery membership
  • Fitgym workout bag
  • Full access to our FitGym app


$ 34
  • Full gym and recovery membership
  • Fitgym workout bag
  • Full access to our FitGym app
  • Body fat analysis
  • Metabolic Testing
  • Full access to our social and educational events

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fully equiped
recover center

More than a gym—it’s your Recovery Centre. Rejuvenate body and mind with post-workout amenities, specialised recovery equipment, and a sanctuary for holistic wellness. Elevate your fitness journey with us!

24/7 Access

Unrestricted fitness at your fingertips. Our gym doors never close, allowing you to pursue your fitness goals on your schedule, be it early bird workouts or late-night sessions. Embrace the freedom to train whenever inspiration strikes!

community engagement

Fitness for all, without the financial strain. Our inclusive pricing ensures that everyone in our community can access top-tier facilities and professional guidance without breaking the bank. Join us in prioritising health and wellness for everyone.


At FitGym, we provide a safe space for everyone. Whoever you are, this is the gym for you. With our core values of inclusivity and sustainability, and with a strong focus on mental health, FitGym is more than “just a gym”, it is a mindset.

As soon as you step inside our premise, we want you to feel safe, included, and welcomed. Our friendly, highly-skilled staff lead from the front with this team spirit so that you can create the experience you want and train at your pace. Whether you want a connected experience or an individual experience, FitGym is the space for you.

Empowering Your Fitness journey at FITGym Wanaka

meet the team

Meet Chuck Simpson,

co- owner of FitGym.

Chuck comes from an extensive sports background and love of sport and fitness.
Chuck ran on the Penn State University cross country team, Junior Olympic ski racer and collegiate cyclist for Penn State University.
Chuck also boasts a credible coaching background of 24 years in the endurance sports and Fitness industry. 

Assisting and sports testing the Villanova University Swim team to assisting and sports testing Malvern Preparatory school champion rowing teams.
Chuck has lectured at Penn State University assisting the physiology department on blood lactate testing for professional and collegiate athletes in swimming, running and cycling.
Chuck brings his experience, education and love of fitness to the members and staff of Fitgym.

Meet Bianca,

co- owner of FitGym.

Bianca comes from an extensive professional sports background.
From a silver medal at the Road cycling world champs to competing in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.
Her experience of 17 years of owning her own gym with husband, Chuck in Philadelphia, USA.(co owner of FitGym) 

Mentoring many high school to collegiate athletes in the gym and on the field. Personal training professional athletes, high risk youth, Professional men and women to those suffering from depression and food disorders.
Celebrities to famous CEO’s in the corporate world.
She credits her love of fitness to her dear mentor and friend, the late Don Oliver- OBE. NZ Olympic weightlifter and fitness centre founder.
She brings her passion, tenacity, experience and compassion to our members and staff at FitGym

Meet Ashley Booth.

personal trainer

I’m Ashley, I became a certified personal trainer in 2008 and have surrounded myself with great mentors to extract from over the past 16 years and I still love this chosen career path.
I understand we Eb and flow in life and the type of training you’re doing needs to serve you in your current life season, this is where I can meet you where you’re at and and help you progress to your goal.

I believe our health and fitness set the stage for every area in our life, I want you to be your most confident and energetic self!
A little bit about me, I was born and raised in Central Otago, and grateful to be.
After living and personal training in North America for almost a decade I have come home to settle in Wanaka with my Partner and Daughter.

It has been assumed I have always loved sports- this is not true, it took me some time and perseverance but when I started to reap the benefits physically and mentally its become away of life ever since.

I have competed in a variety of sports such as rowing, running, mountain biking, multi sports, and Body Building,
Now I mostly just love living a healthy active lifestyle maintaining a base fitness to jump into an event/ adventure if I choose.

I am excited to be taking on a small handful of new clients in Fit Gym, please contact me to book in for a complementary consultation.

My areas of expertise are…

  • Strength Training
  • Hypertrophy (Muscle Growth)
  • Functional Fitness
  • Mobility
  • Core Strength, (Anterior and Posterior chain)
  • Sports Specific
  • Rehabilitation
  • Training around injuries
  • Women’s health – get the most out of Training around your mental cycle
  • Pre/Postnatal Training

I look forward to getting to know you as we build our community of Fit people in Fit Gym

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