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Join FitGYM and unleash the journey to realising your fitness aspirations. Our membership provides bespoke coaching, guaranteeing you receive the tailored guidance and support required to achieve your fitness objectives. At FitGYM, we acknowledge the challenges of the journey, but with our committed assistance, triumph is not merely a prospect, but an anticipation.

recovery center

Beyond a gym, we’re your ultimate Recovery Centre. Experience the rejuvenation of our state-of-the-art facilities, including infrared saunas, massage chairs, oxygen lounges, and red light therapy. It’s not just a workout; it’s a comprehensive journey to restore, relax, and recharge. Elevate your recovery, elevate your fitness with us!

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recover center

More than a gym—it’s your Recovery Centre. Rejuvenate body and mind with post-workout amenities, specialised recovery equipment, and a sanctuary for holistic wellness. Elevate your fitness journey with us!

24/7 Access

Unrestricted fitness at your fingertips. Our gym doors never close, allowing you to pursue your fitness goals on your schedule, be it early bird workouts or late-night sessions. Embrace the freedom to train whenever inspiration strikes!

community engagement

Fitness for all, without the financial strain. Our inclusive pricing ensures that everyone in our community can access top-tier facilities and professional guidance without breaking the bank. Join us in prioritising health and wellness for everyone.


At FIT Gym, we provide a safe space for everyone. Whoever you are, this is the gym for you. With our core values of inclusivity and sustainability, and with a strong focus on mental health, FIT Gym is more than “just a gym”, it is a mindset.

As soon as you step inside our premise, we want you to feel safe, included, and welcomed. Our friendly, highly-skilled staff lead from the front with this team spirit so that you can create the experience you want and train at your pace. Whether you want a connected experience or an individual experience, FIT Gym is the space for you.

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